IMADE3D Partnership Program

Makerspaces, Fablabs, Hackerspaces, Artspaces, Techshops, Schools... rejoice

Are you a looking for a cost effective and educational 3D Printer kit?

The Jellybox was made (just) for you! Join our Partnership Program and become an IMADE3D certified training center.

You shall* gain:

  • Training and certification to build our Jellybox 3D printer kits
  • A free Jellybox 3D Printer as a showcase
  • Acrylic display stand for your JellyBox to promote your build
  • Support along the way to ensure your success
  • The opportunity to earn income for your organization

* this should be ‘will,’ but ‘shall’ sounds much cooler.

Why is Imade3D’s Jellybox the best 3D printer for your Makespace?

  • Cost Effective: You can disassemble the printer after the event and reuse it for the next one!
  • Timely: Jellybox can be built within a matter of hours by groups or individuals. You choose the pace, whether it be a one day quick intensive build, or several after school or evening sessions – whatever suits you best.
  • Educational: Our printer was designed to be accessible to people of all ages and skill levels and to take the mystery out of 3D printing.
  • Supportive: We will certify you to train your members  using lessons and materials specifically developed and tested to ensure success. Continual support and updates.
  • Profitable: You can get compensated for customer referrals (great for non-profits) or become a full-out Jellybox reseller.

Let’s talk. Email us at

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