IMADE3D Professional
Development for Teachers

Get a Hands-On 3D Printing Workshop & 3D-Printer Build In Your School

Why should experiential education be only for the students? Teachers deserve their own path to DIY greatness.

  1. We will come to your school,
  2. guide you to build the award-winning JellyBOX 3D printer,
  3. and walk you through the entire 3D printing process.



We Come to Your School

  • How great is that?!
  • Have your teachers and students learn in their home environment; the knowledge transfer will smile upon you.
  • Inspire your whole community; not just the one teacher with a travel grant
  • Save time and money.

For Both Teachers and Students

  • We offer the possibility to have both student and faculty groups building 3d printers alongside in the same workshop!
  • ‘Learning together’ as a way of fostering a communal ‘making mindset’ is proving especially effective for schools starting making and tinkering programs anew.
  • This feature is Completely Optional. We are perfectly comfortable running a more classic professional development with teachers only.

3D Printing Bootcamp

  • We survey the whole 3D Printing 101 including
  • Overview of the industry and technologies (Hype vs Reality)
  • DIY ecosystem
  • Sourcing and creating 3D models
  • Processing 3D models for 3D printing

JellyBOX 3D Printer

  • Awarded “Best For Schools 2017” by Make Magazine!
  • DIY 3D Printer Kit specifically designed and optimized for learning
  • Transparent construction showcases both mechanics and electronics
  • A “work-horse” printer, cranking out print after print
  • Proudly designed and made in the USA, (Blue Grass, Virginia)
  • Future-proof open hardware eco-system, great for tinkerers
  • Affordable to source AND to maintain
  • And so much more. (link to the JellyBOX page)

Suggested Specs and Logistics:

  • We can build up to 8 JellyBOX 3D Printers
  • Groups of 1-3 teachers OR students OR a combination of the two
  • Tested: an Intensive One Day Workshop (8 hours)
  • Tested: a more Comprehensive Two Day Workshop (2x 6 hours)
    • We hold that two days are better for most schools – we can cover more ground, and the attention span holds better.


Is my school a good fit?

We have worked at elementary, middle school, AND college level. IF you are still reading this, rest assured, your school is a good fit. Talk to us.

Do you also do builds for general public and organizations other than schools?

Glad you asked. A growing number of makerspaces are getting on our bandwagon. Check out the JellyBOX Quick Build section. You can also get the JellyBOX as a DIY kit and self-educate yourself.