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We’re in

Course and business development: Vienna, VA in Fairfax county

Manufacturing: Blue Grass, VA in Virginia’s Little Switzerland: Highland County. 

Social Media

Our Twitter @yesIMADE3D is a good way to ask a quick questions, and we monitor it closely.

We also have a Facebook page that grows.

This image was taken literary four minutes from our manufacturing den. With a cellphone.

Blue Grass, VA, is an unincorporated community – sort of a tiny village – close to the border with West Virginia. It’s beautiful and picturesque there, and we have all the peace in the world. Even though the absence of major infrastructure made the initial printer development an arduous journey.

Other than that we’re not that digitally social. We’re probably get more social-media prolific as we go…

If you have a preference or opinion which one we should be using, we’d appreciate your input. Yes, your input. Drop us a line.