Download the Latest Firmware for Your JellyBOX

Please choose either JellyBOX 2 or JellyBOX Original below. JellyBOX 2 - Preface JellyBOXes exists in many variants. Some have cold bed, some have the heated bed, some have one filament fan, some have two. It is essential that you select the right firmware for...

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Download and Install Pronterface

When we need to control of our JellyBOX using our computer, be it for troubleshooting, development, or for show, we use Pronterface. Pronterface is a 3D printing host- a program that allows direct control of 3D printers (including printing a sliced gcode) through a...

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Set Up Atom Text Editor With GCODE Highlighting

When I want to tweak gcode, Marlin, or any other code I use Atom; a modern open-source plain text editor. Atom has devilish good looks, and, for us more importantly, GCODE highlighting. All of this makes manual editing of 3D print-able files a breeze. Plus, it looks...

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Let’s build a community!

It's time to build your community! We are integrating our forum (click here) and blog (you're already here, so no link) in order to provide a seamless experience, just for you guys! The goal is to connect our website, forum, blog, visitors, and users to build the best...

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NOVA Mini Maker Faire 2015 Shoutout

We got a booth at the NOVA Mini Maker Faire. At the last minute, just two days before it went up, someone cancelled and we got the spot. After a rather sleepless night, we were all up and ready. It was our very first contact with the general public since we started on...

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Hello World

Hello IMADE3D Blog! Contrary to what some may believe, we're not the most accomplished social media bees. The only thing we know right now is that we'd like to have a place to share thoughts, ideas, photos, filament reviews, and the like. It's quite possible that...

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