Our Story

Manufacturing capabilities once reserved for expensive and large industrial complexes are now in the hands of common people. However, the people don’t know how what to do with this power. Even people who buy or have access to a 3D printer often stumble for months before they are able to somewhat assimilate the tool.

To build your own a 3D printer is by far the best way to take ownership of the technology, and to really get to understand it. You are able to fix it when it break, and push it in any direction to do exactly what you want. You lose any inhibition or feelings of awe. Magic may be gone, but science remains. You are be in charge.

But building your own 3D printer takes time and know-how.

Until now.

We developed 3D printing crash courses, for which we specifically designed a printer that’s easy to build while maintaining a high print quality the Jellybox. With us, you can build your own high quality 3D printer and learn how to use it in a single day! It’s easily the most efficient way to get from nothing to 3D printing.



And don’t even get us started what this means for STEAM education. You will be hard pressed to find a more immediately relevant simple robotics project that awakens the imagination of even the kids that tend to hate mechatronics. The intersection of arts and sciences is right in front of you.

3D printers are tools, and anyone wielding the tool well can reap its benefits. They tell you to always use the right tool for the job. Well, a 3D printer can be… any tool, for any job!

That is, if you know how to use it.

IMADE3D Manifesto

When you build something with your own hands, you have no option but to learn. Exquisite tools are rare and should be cherished. No one gets anything right on the first attempt. Iteration is the godmother of perfection. Curiosity is the ultimate measure of human kind. Inspired wonder is tantamount to happiness. Details make all the difference in the world. Exercise of judgment is the essence of creativity; and in that the essence of art. Design is here to ask the right questions. Art is here to ask questions no one has asked before. Aesthetics are functional. Pleasure is functional. Elegance is the utmost measure of practicality; especially in the realm of problem solving. Practice makes… better; but never perfect. Perfection is a false idol, but striving for perfection justifies the hustle and bears sweet fruit. Stealing is the mother of invention. Ideas feed of off each other and smooth flow of information is intrinsically good. Open source communities consume a great deal and deserve to be fed. Even the longest journey starts with the first step. Time flies like arrows and colorless green ideas do sleep furiously. Make something. Make something now!