3D Printing Driver’s License

Getting into 3D printing can be a trying and lengthy process. Learn How to 3D Print in a single day with our patient and knowledgeable instructors.

Who is This for?

  • Any JellyBOX owner, especially a new one, who wishes to learn how to 3D print rapidly and painlessly.
  • Anyone curious about 3D printing who wants to ‘give it a spin’.
  • Anyone who prefers to ask a human rather than reading up on the internet.
  • Ages 12 and above welcome. (Younger is possible with supervision depending on the kid. Contact us for details.)

What does the 3D Printing Driver’s License Entail?

  • We start around 9am and finish around 3pm (then there’s some buffer for individual questions and winding down).
  • How and where to find 3D models.
  • What makes a 3D model good for 3D printing (filter out the garbage!)
  • How to prepare 3D models for 3D printing (slicing with Cura slicer and overview of other options)
  • How to print from different materials (filaments)
  • How to modify 3D models (basics)
  • How to create 3D models from scratch (introduction to Tinkercad and overview of other options)
  • And more, time-dependent.


  • What are the Upcoming Dates for 3D – Drive’s License?
  • How Do I register?
  • Pricing?
    • $150 base fee for person and one printer + $35 for each additional person
    • Maximum 5 people in a group
    • This means that a group of 2 people will pay $185, 3 people $220, 4 people $255, and 5 people $290
  • Do I need to own JellyBOX 3D Printer to participate?
    • No! We will lend you a JellyBOX for the class if you don’t have one.
    • This class is pretty great as an intro into 3D for those who want to take a 3D printer for a ‘test drive’ first.
    • If you have your own JellyBOX, it is essential that you bring it so that you learn with your machine and calibrate your specific hardware.
  • Can I bring a different 3D printer to the class?
    • The skills we teach do transfer onto almost any FFF/FDM 3D printer. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to teach a class like this if everyone had different hardware. We will lend you a JellyBOX if you don’t have one.
  • Any prerequisites?
    • No experience necessary, but you should have basic familiarity with computers and ideally bring your own laptop (so you can install and set up the necessary software).
    • Also, most people come with their own JellyBOX 3D Printer they had already built. This is a great ‘crash course’ for new JellyBOX operators.
  • Is a JellyBOX3D Printer Included in the price?
    • No. This class teaches how to 3D print using JellyBOX, there’s no build.
  • What’s the difference between a class and a workshop?
    • You tell us. Our short, intense, open-ended, and heavily hands-on events definitely blur the lines. We care about you having a good time and learning something while using your hands. That’s it.
  • Why are you doing this?
    • Just like all educators: fame and money. Also, good karma.
  • Is there a funny picture of a cat on the internet?
    • We haven’t seen any of those, but here’s a picture of a laughing seal.