Using the JellyBOX 3D printer for schools is an incredible way of developing children’s creativity and interest towards engineering.

3D Printing means more than just a process through which objects are created. Here at IMADE3D, we look at 3D printing as an awesome learning experience. That’s why we’ve created the JellyBOX, which is a fast and easy to build (and unbuilt) top quality 3D printer. Snip and pull the colorful zip ties. Make mistakes. Thus undo. Eventually, have the satisfaction of building a machine. How many people can say at the end of the day that they built a 3D printing machine?
Being an incredible user-friendly 3D printer, the JellyBOX is being used in 3D printing in schools for learning through its building and unbuilding. Hands-on on creating a 3D printer. It’s fun and educational. Therefore it unites children through brainstorming, debates and the unique experience of building a 3D printing machine for the first time.


As a result of it’s success in schools as an educational activity the JellyBox won in 2017 and 2019 the award for “Best for Schools” in Make Magazine’s Digital Fabrication Guide. Our colorful 3D printer it’s being recognized for years now as “Best for Education“! We are proud and we plan to remain a close partner of schools in the learning process of 3D printing secrets.

The JellyBox is also most cost effective 3D printer for Education. It’s built, unbuilt and rebuilt with the previous students teaching the new ones.

So which are exactly the potential educational opportunities of the JellyBox?

High Schools, Middle and Elementary Schools or Home Schools – all can benefit from the amazing experience of 3D printing with this friendly DIY machine!
Children learn which are the components of a 3D printer and how to put them together in order to create a sophisticated machine. They understand the process of 3D printing while building a 3D printer. It’s hard to imagine all the small parts of a 3D printer! And also how they are put together in order to create a functional machine. But now this is possible thanks to the JellyBox!
After the 3D printer is built, children learn how to operate one. They will create 3D printed objects using the right computer applications. They will also learn another important lesson, besides 3D printing: dreams can come true if you work hard enough 🙂 
In addition, children have the opportunity of developing their social and sales skills, by working with schools’ customers in order to print and deliver objects!

The JellyBoxes are built and run by up to 3 students per machine.

 How many hours should the JellyBOX be operated in schools?
  •  High Schools: 4-6 hours per school day;
  • Middle and Elementary Schools: 1-2 hours per school day;
  • Home Schools for 2-3 hours per school day.
Join now the JellyBOX family and start learning creating stunning 3D prints with your students!

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