Let me introduce you to a new experiment we made: a brand new guide on how to Calibrate your First Layer Height.

  • You can check out the new Calibrate Your 1st Layer Height Guide right now 🔗 here

The Plight of 1st Layer Height

Calibrating the 1st layer height is a necessary prerequisite to any successful print. It’s also the number #1 cause of our support requests.

First layer setup issues include not only print detaching, but even the nozzle ramming into the bed – seemingly trying to destroy your JellyBOX from within. More often than you’d think people contact us thinking their JellyBOX is broken and the only thing needed is first layer or Z probe adjustment.

It’s only a few minutes to an experienced Print Master, but for a novice it can be a big obstacle.

The Light of 1st Layer Height

We realized we needed to improve our learning resources. We needed something easier to follow.

It’s our pleasure to share with you our Calibrate The 1st Layer Height guide experiment.

We think it’s way better than the old documentation – easier to navigate and more informational. What do you think? We hope to only make it better over time.

🔗 awesome.imade3d.com

PS: There’s also a new Your First Print section you can refer to your beginner friends. It goes a bit wider.