Hi friends! 

Join us for an exciting and fun times running a 3D printer booth at a popular upscale mall; close to a mall Santa himself.


  • To increase Christmas sales and visibility, we will have a booth at the Tysons Corner Mall (Northern VA) for 5 weeks starting November 23rd (Black Friday) and ending December 31st.


  • We are looking for help supervising the booth, talking to potential customers and watching all the JellyBOXes.
  • You can put in as little as 4 hours a day, any time of the day, anytime between now and the end of December.
    • (You can also stop by just to hang out with no time requirements 😀).
  • Fill out this short (3 min) contact form if you’re interested and we’ll get in touch soon.


  • If you are a friend and want to come and hang out with us, that’s GREAT are we are psyched to have you!
  • In addition, we also need people to run the booth when we are not there. We can’t be there 24/7.
  • As such, for extended help as a token of our gratitude, you can get free 3D printer stuff like filament, hotends, nozzles, motors… and even the whole JellyBOX 2 3D-printer kit! (Depending on how many hours you put in.)
  • Straight up hourly pay is also available.

I Want to Help at the Tysons Mall

Great! Please fill this contact form and we’ll get in touch SOON.