New Firmware for Your JellyBOX Is Ready for Download and You Need It

A truly significant firmware upgrade is coming to town. The JB-Marlin version 2.0 RC2 (release candidate 2) is ready to be consumed and tested!

We have changed a ton of things, and we are proud as we could be. This update makes JellyBOX easier to use both for noobs and power users. In BIG ways.

So upgrade your JellyBOX NOW

  1. Download the new ‘JB-Marlin-2.0-RC2’
  2. Follow the new and simplified Upgrade JellyBOX Firmware Through Cura guide.

What’s So Cool About JB-Marlin 2.0?

Live Tweak the 1st Layer Height: The Single Best new Feature in the History of Firmware Upgrades

  • We have a completely new function that lets you tweak the 1st layer height while you’re printing. Forget Z probe offset adjustments, this IS the future.
  • See this short video on this amazing new feature.
  • And this short video on how the feature works (for the curious and technically minded.)

Other Also Great Changes

  • New: menu hierarchy/ structure with a ton of tweaks and improvements
  • New: PID Autotune process
    • That’s right. You can now run the PID from within the LCD and also save the new settings without lifting more than two fingers.
  • New: Factory reset button (when you’re in a pickle)
  • New: About Menu with printer Info
    • Finally. A simple way to check what version of firmware you’re running and more.
  • New: Printer Stats
    • Your JellyBOX now keeps track of how much it prints. How many print jobs, how many hours…
  • Simplified: NO need to set X Home offset manually after upgrading (!)
    • The homing offset of 10 is now the factory default. Yay.
  • Simplified: Extrude menu
  • Simplified: Preheating functions
  • Simplified: firmware upgrade process (!)
    • read more below
  • Improved: Auto exit to Info Screen when it makes sense
    • For the lazy that don’t like to click back too many times
  • Improved: Bed leveling
    • We tweaked the bed leveling to be more precise and reliable.
  • Improved: Smarter Change filament function
    • There was a bug. It’s gone.
  • Improved: Smarter Pause function
    • Pause now parks the nozzle away from the print so you’re not oozing over your part.
  • Improved: Thermal protection
    • We tweaked the thermal protection to be more reliable. You do want this.
  • Improved: Firmware naming and version control
    • (this is really for developers only, but it’s significant)
    • We’ll all be less confused about firmware upgrades.

There are way too many small changes, bug fixes, performance and compatibility improvements, and future function preparations to list them all. Rest assure, you want this upgrade.

Release Candidate Warnings

This is release candidate. We have been using this firmware for about three months, and it has worked flawlessly for us. It seems stable, and is recommended to everyone.

However, you may still discover some bugs or rough edges.

Or, you may disagree with some of the new design choices.

Feeding back is caring.

PS: New Firmware Versioning Convention (dev talk)

alias What’s up with JB-Marlin and Marlin numbering?

JellyBOX is a part of the family of open-hardware printers running on various versions of Marlin firmware, the most popular open source 3D printing firmware in the world. (Yay.)

The development of JB-Marlin-2.0 was kickstarted when after two years of relative stagnation, vastly superior Marlin was released (codename Marlin 1.0) a few months ago, and the stream of improvements has not stopped since. Hand in hand, we are layering in our own development to streamline and perfect the user experience.

Confusingly, we already had firmware version “1.3” a year ago by the time Marlin released “1.0”.

So, we now have our own version numbering now that has nothing to do with Marlin version numbering. For example, JellyBOX firmware JB-Marlin-3.0 is not in any way related with any Marlin-3.0.