When I want to tweak gcode, Marlin, or any other code I use Atom; a modern open-source plain text editor.

Atom has devilish good looks, and, for us more importantly, GCODE highlighting. All of this makes manual editing of 3D print-able files a breeze.

Plus, it looks the same on PC, Mac, and Linux, which is a plus when we teach classes.

(Atom has much much more to offer from git integration to multiple cursors and regex ,but this is supposed to be a quick tip, so discover these on your own time.)

Quick HowTo for the Impatient

  1. Install Atom
  2. Install language-linuxcnc-gcode

Regular HowTo

1. Install Atom

2. Install the GCODE package

  1. Open the Settings withPackages > Settings View > Open
  2. Click on the Install button
  3. Search for gcode
  4. Install the language-linuxcnc-gcode
    • There are other gcode packages; I just like this one the best.

  5. Tadaaaaa. Open a gcode file and marvel at how easy it is to edit that nozzle temperature.