When we need to control of our JellyBOX using our computer, be it for troubleshooting, development, or for show, we use Pronterface.

Pronterface is a 3D printing host– a program that allows direct control of 3D printers (including printing a sliced gcode) through a USB cable.

Pronterface is a part of Printrun, a free, open-source software suite, licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3. (Yay!)

What sets Pronterface apart is its large and comfortable command line interface, and small footprint (it takes no space on your computer.) The interface is barely functionalist, but also highly functional.

PS: Also, great simple macros. That’s your homework, you overachievers.

Quick HowTo for the Impatient

  1. Download and install from http://www.pronterface.com/#download (or https://github.com/kliment/Printrun if you like github)

Regular HowTo

  1. Head over to http://www.pronterface.com/#download
  2. “Windows & OSX binaries” (unless you’re on Linux, but then you don’t need this tutorial)
  3. Download the latest Mac or PC .zip archive
  4. Unzip the archive (double click)
  5. On both platforms, Pronterface simply runs from whereever you put it. On Windows, I suggest creating a folder ‘Portable Applications’ on your Desktop. On Mac, I suggest dragging the app into your Applications folder just like all the other programs.
  6. Done!

Next Steps: Connect to JellyBOX

To actually get anything done with Pronterface, head over to our fancy guide on Connecting JellyBOX to Pronterface