Easy As 1-2-3-ZIP!

Kid and beginner friendly; enthusiast approved. No soldering. Zip ties. Success. Anyone can build one!

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  1. We will come to your school,
  2. guide you to build the award-winning JellyBOX 3D printer,
  3. and walk you through the entire 3D printing process.

IMADE3D 3D-Classes and Workshops

We run face-to-face workshops on “How to 3D Print” and “How to Build your own JellyBOX 3D-Printer”. They are great for families, kids, teenagers, teachers, makers, and anyone interested in the world of 3D printing.

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JellyBOX 3D Printer Category winners - Best for schools

JellyBOX 2 Crowned Best For Schools 2017 2019! 

JellyBOX 2 has been awarded “Best For Schools” in the Make Magazine’s Digital Fabrication Guide for 2019!

We are speechless. When JellyBOX Original won this award for 2017, it was an early validation of our design philosophy. The fact that JellyBOX 2 has now won the same award two years later is mind blowing.

We tried to keep the DIY learn-by-doing spirit in JellyBOX 2 even as we redesigned every single part for a better build experience and performance. It’s gratifying to see it worked!

I think the initial interest was due to morbid curiosity, “is this thing with zip ties really going to work?” and then shifted to fandom as the Jellybox printed with amazing speed and reliability. […] The Jellybox had an amazing underdog story at the DigiFab Testing Shootout. Read the full 2017 review in Make Magazine.  (JellyBOX 2 Makezine Award review is not online yet.)

~ Shawn Grimes

Director of Technology at the Digital Harbor Foundation , Digital Harbor Foundation


Whereas I HATED the frustrating “build experience” of my first 3D printer kit, I absolutely LOVE the uniquely innovative construction and simple build process of the JellyBox kit.

~ Tom Meeks

3D printing blogger and YouthQuest Foundation director, May 2016 Build

The “science” of the Jellybox is quickly demystified. Literally anyone could build this thing. To an experienced person, I still think the quick build has a lot to offer as a learning experience. The Jellybox totally blows my mind.

~ Becky Button

experienced 3D printing enthusiast and high school student, July 2016 Build

I have had the luxury of using many 3D printers ranging in price from $1000 to $250,000. I have not seen print quality like it produces from $5000 printers and some even higher. The printer is well designed, engineered, and is mostly put together with zip ties. Yes zip ties!

~ Mike Oakley

Technical Account Manager, Autodesk Inc., May 2016 Build


Our learning philosophy and our Jellybox printer got awarded three Editor’s Choice Ribbons at the National MakerFaire in DC, 2016. We couldn’t be happier! Check out our photo album from the event to see many smiling faces. Update: We got our 4th Editor’s Choice Ribbon at the World MakerFaire in NYC, 2016! Now we couldn’t be happier. 

Photos? – Photos!

For more up-to-date photos see all the photos posted to our Twitter, and at least some of our Quick Build photo albums: Aug 27th Build, May 14th BuildMay 21st BuildJuly 27th Build

JellyBox: The Ultimately Tinkerable and Educational 3D Printer KIT

  • Implicitly educational
  • Innovative zip-tie construction
  • Fast and easy to build
  • Great print quality
  • Quick-swap hotend
  • Quick-swap extruder
  • Quick-swap build plate
  • Easy repair and maintenance
  • Automatic Bed leveling
  • Best wire management
  • Print PLA, PETG, CarbonFill, BrassFill, NinjaFlex, TPU…
  • And so much more! (link)