Build Your
Own Jellybox
3D Printer

in a single day

disclaimer: you must be between 7 – 107 years old to participate

(Upcoming  one-day builds are on  Aug 27, Sept  10, Sep 24 in Reston, VA)


  • teach 3D printing and 3D printer building workshops

  • design and manufacture innovative 3D printer kits for education


Our learning philosophy and our Jellybox printer got awarded

three Editor’s Choice Ribbons

at the National MakerFaire in DC, 2016. We couldn’t be happier!

Check out our photo album from the event to see many smiling faces.

Imade3d One Day Builds

At the end of the day, you will go home with a powerful 3D printer that you not only built, but also calibrated and made print. And you will sleep well that night.

  • We have squeezed the whole 3d printer build into a single day and there’s even time to learn the basics of printing!
  • You’ll learn from A to Z how 3d printer works, how to build it one, how to calibrate it, and how to solve problems when they occur.
  • No prerequisites. Our bootcamp is designed for novices, but enjoyed by experts alike. If you can tighten a screw, you can build our 3D printer. You don’t need special skills like programming or soldering to participate in the bootcamp. We’ll teach you all you’ll need.

 Jellybox 3D Printer

Ultimately Tinkerable and
Educational 3D Printer KIT

  • designed to be fast and easy to build: available as KIT or within BOOTCAMP
  • designed for ease of maintenance with emphasis on supporting visual inspection
  • both the hotend and the extruder are Quick-Release swappable
  • clean and safe wiring
  • integrated cooling fans
  • custom made milled ACME (trapezoid) rod on z axis
  • z-print resolution tested as low as 0.02mm
  • full graphic LCD and SD card reader
  • and much, much more

Photos from recent(ish) events

check out photos from our recent appearances