Build Your
Own Jellybox
3D Printer

in a single day

disclaimer: you must be between 7 – 107 years old to participate

The next One-Day Build is not scheduled yet. We plan on 2nd half of October in Reston, VA.


  • teach 3D printing and 3D printer building workshops

  • design and manufacture innovative 3D printer kits for education


Our learning philosophy and our Jellybox printer got awarded

three Editor’s Choice Ribbons

at the National MakerFaire in DC, 2016. We couldn’t be happier!

Check out our photo album from the event to see many smiling faces.


Whereas I HATED the frustrating “build experience” of my first 3D printer kit, I absolutely LOVE the uniquely innovative construction and simple build process of the JellyBox kit.

~ Tom Meeks

3D printing blogger and YouthQuest Foundation director, May 2016 Build

Looking at the array of printers on the market, Jellybox was a better choice because I don’t have to use proprietary filament, I can see through the walls at the print, I built the thing myself (so I know if something stops working), you used an Arduino to drive it which I could easily replace if it breaks. I would appreciate larger print area and a heated bed though.

Your time is valuable, and investing it in teaching newbs like me how to assemble it doesn’t just give us a printer at the end.  You transferred your enthusiasm – both for the product and for the idea of printing.  You launched us on our way, and you connected us with your company of people who are also enthusiastic about the product and the printing.

Does IMADE3D offer more classes?  How to use CADs, how to get the most out of slicers, what to look out for in calibration, varieties of filament, and how to use each to get the most out of them are just a few things I’d like to know more about.  What’s more is that I’d like to learn with a group of people who return for such classes.

~ Matt Stafford

June 2016 Build

Overall I am very pleased. A one day build and the printer works! We have printed a few things, though nothing too taxing thus far.

The support documentation on the publicly accessible website is sadly lacking. That would have kept me from ever signing up, except that I had seen the printer at the labs and was able to talk to people who had done the build and used the printer. I am sure you are working on this, but I would recommend beta docs at least right away.

~ Erica Kane

Ph.D. physicist, roboticist, business owner, August 2016 Build

My son is now thrilled with 3D printing and look forward to getting the printer into the class room where it will be a great learning tool. I attribute our success to a very well engineered printer and sincerely believe you have a great product.

~ Fred Briggs

CNC operator and a farm owner, August 2016 Build

The Jellybox has a very important aspect to offer – the removal of the fear of technology. Many people began the class scared of even tying a zip tie. By the end they were plugging everything into the MEGA [Arduino] with, near perfect, accuracy. Couldn’t get much better of an experience.

What would I improve? We need to spend more time on CADing and calibration.

~ Conor Nelson

mathematician, digital fabrication educator, August 2016 Build

I like the modularity of the design. With little CAD skills, one could totally make cool mods for the extruder.

The “science” of the Jellybox is quickly demystified. Literally anyone could build this thing. To an experienced person, I still think the quick build has a lot to offer as a learning experience. The Jellybox totally blows my mind.

~ Becky Button

experienced 3D printing enthusiast and high school student, July 2016 Build

I have had the luxury of using many 3D printers ranging in price from $1000 to $250,000. I have not seen print quality like it produces from $5000 printers and some even higher. The printer is well designed, engineered, and is mostly put together with zip ties. Yes zip ties!

~ Mike Oakley

Technical Account Manager, Autodesk Inc., May 2016 Build

When I came into the Jelly Box quick build session, I had NO experience with 3D printers. I had seen them in action but was truthfully scared of them. I didn’t want to touch them because I didn’t want to break them. Going through the quick build workshop not only gave me the experience I needed in learning how the machine was put together, and how it worked, but it also gave me the confidence to work with it. I am no longer intimidated by this technology. I felt empowered to use my own printer. Now, if I have a problem arise, I am confident in my abilities to fix said issue.

If I had attempted to assemble the printer on my own in my own time, I am sure it would still be in pieces. Building my Jelly Box in the Quick Build session took the stress and frustration out of the process. This class helps you gain your footing and build your confidence.

The Jelly Box is my favorite printer. Why? Because I Made it!

~ Melissa Allen

co-founder of MiniMaker and TinkrLab, May 2016 Build

Imade3d One Day Builds

At the end of the day, you will go home with a powerful 3D printer that you not only built, but also calibrated and made print. And you will sleep well that night.

  • We have squeezed the whole 3d printer build into a single day and there’s even time to learn the basics of printing!
  • You’ll learn from A to Z how 3d printer works, how to build it one, how to calibrate it, and how to solve problems when they occur.
  • No prerequisites. Our bootcamp is designed for novices, but enjoyed by experts alike. If you can tighten a screw, you can build our 3D printer. You don’t need special skills like programming or soldering to participate in the bootcamp. We’ll teach you all you’ll need.

 Jellybox 3D Printer

Ultimately Tinkerable and
Educational 3D Printer KIT

  • designed to be fast and easy to build: available as KIT or within BOOTCAMP
  • designed for ease of maintenance with emphasis on supporting visual inspection
  • both the hotend and the extruder are Quick-Release swappable
  • clean and safe wiring
  • integrated cooling fans
  • custom made milled ACME (trapezoid) rod on z axis
  • z-print resolution tested as low as 0.02mm
  • full graphic LCD and SD card reader
  • and much, much more

Photos from recent(ish) events

check out photos from our recent appearances